We are just outside of Battleford, Saskatchewan which is about 1.2 hours drive northwest of Saskatoon.
A hunt with us is basically a 5 day trip, 1st day you arrive (we pick you in Saskatoon or will meet you in town if you drive up), 2nd/3rd/4th days we hunt and on 5th day you head home. So you will spend 4 nights in our lodge and hunt 3 full days.

  • taxes and all trophy fees, no hidden fees
  • all licences and export permits at time of hunt
  • airport transfers to and from Saskatoon Int. airport at scheduled times
  • 4 nights lodging and all home cooked meals and beverages(alcohol provided in moderation)
  • experienced guides and skinners, all trophy prep and packaging of trophies at time of hunt
  • delivery of trophies and hides to taxidermist if dip and pack is required
  • delivery of meat to local processor if requested
  • courtesy SCI scoring of all trophies, score sheet provided and signed for entry into the SCI record books
  • custom built heated hunting blinds, these are not your run of the mill plywood blinds!
  • courtesy disc or memory stick with all photos taken during hunt
  • flights or transportation to and from Saskatoon Int.
  • taxidermy and additional permits or fees for dip and pack if required
  • non-hunter rates of guests, $200/night
  • meat processing
  • firearm rental if requested, $50/ hunter

Here is the quick equipment list for hunts at our ranch. There is a Cabelas in Saskatoon and a Wal-Mart 15 minutes from the lodge if needed.


  • for September and early October the weather can be relatively mild during the day but chilly in the morning and evening, so lighter thin layers are recommended with at least one wind stopper layer, also light weight hiking footwear is all you need in the early season.
  • for late October and November we suggest bringing some heavier layers and insulated footwear. Wind stopper layer is very important here along with good gloves, insulated hat and neck gator.


  • flash light, camera, bino’s, rangefinder(shots range from 40-250 yards from all our blinds, but longer shots are possible)
  • rain gear, light weight packable is best. It is not often that we need rain gear but better to be ready
  • soft case for rifle, if possible please bring your own soft case for transporting your rifle from between the ranch and the lodge in the truck
  • there is no need to bring more than 40 rounds of ammunition


  • camp shoes for in the lodge are nice, no outdoor footwear allowed in the lodge
  • comfortable clothing for lounging around between hunts
  • soap/shampoo and body wash is provided at the lodge

You can hunt with the following weapons on our ranch, rifle (we suggest .270-.338 calibers depending on the species you’re hunting), muzzleloader, crossbow and archery.
We do not allow any type of mechanical broad head to be used on our ranch.

Extremely easy, the cost is $50 and it is recommended to fill out the permit form in advance by downloading it at the Canadian Firearms Centre, www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca or by calling 1-800-731-4000. We do also provide the forms required via mail if you book your hunt in advance.
As an alternative we rent rifles for $50/hunter, these are well maintained and accurate firearms.

After your successful hunt we will skin and freeze your shoulder mount or full body cape, the whitetail cape and skull plate can be taken home with you on your flight. We will carefully package your trophy for a safe flight home. Elk, sheep and european skull mounts must all go thru a taxidermist for either a dip and pack or complete mount, your choice. We will provide delivery to one of several quality taxidermists at no charge.

No, we do not have a limit on any species hunted at the ranch. We also offer great discounts for extra animals that are hunted but we do ask for a heads up if you plan to hunt multiple species or extra animals as we must plan ahead. We do our utmost to ensure your hunt and the hunt after yours are all the best possible! All additional trophies will be based on availability.

You may have your meat processed by the local butcher or cut and wrap it yourself, it must be deboned, labeled and frozen before crossing the border. Any of the meat not used or taken by our hunters will be donated to local families and none of it is wasted!

We have 4 nice clean rooms at the lodge, each with it’s own bathroom and shower. 2 of the rooms are queen beds for couples or single guests and the other 2 rooms have 2 beds each. So we can handle 6-8 guests per hunt.

We serve 3 home cooked meals every day at the lodge with plenty of snacks, desserts and refreshments. We offer alcohol in moderation and have a wide variety to serve but if you desire a particular brand that we do not have, we can stop by the outlet in town and you may purchase your own.
At the time of booking, Northern Giants will ask you if you have any special dietary needs or restrictions and will prepare meals to meet your needs.

As with any service industry, tips are always optional but extremely appreciated. Any tips you choose to give to your skinner, guide or lodge staff are at your discretion.

These are basic guidelines for tipping on a trip such as this;

  • cooking/cleaning staff – $75-$100 per guest
  • skinner $50-$100 per hunter and depending on how many animals are taken
  • guides are at your discretion

Very high! We have such a large preserve with lots of thick cover that sometimes it takes the rut in November for the big boys to show themselves. Book your hunt based on when it works for you!

Northern Giants Trophy Ranch is a very rugged, diverse and beautiful property. The ranch can challenge even the most athletic clientele with long stalks up and down large draws or thru heavy timber. But we also have a very extensive trail system, that way we can accommodate hunters with disabilities. We are able to drive right up to our blinds if needed.

Yes, this is a 1500 acre high fenced wilderness preserve. In fact North Giants Trophy Ranch is the largest whitetail preserve in Saskatchewan! We also hold more records in the SCI “Estate” Northwestern region than any other outfitter!

To date we are 100% on every hunt. We work extremely hard before and during your trip to ensure your dream hunt is a success! We’ve had hunts come down to the wire but hard work and hunting smart always pays off. On the flip side we’ve also had hunters tag out on the first morning.

We guarantee you will have multiple opportunities to harvest bucks in your hunt category or you will return at no additional charge!

However, we do not guarantee bow hunts, please call us for more details.

Wounded animals are considered paid for. We do our utmost to track and cleanly harvest any wounded game. To date we’ve had only one hunter leave without their trophy but within days of the hunter leaving we were able to locate the buck and secure it.

If you and your guide agree to take a certain trophy and it scores over the range you’ve paid for, then you will not be charged any additional fees, we do not believe in nickel and diming our clients. On our semi-guided ranch hunt you may hunt the largest buck you can find, we have taken several on that hunt in the 275” range.
Many of our trophies have scored more than we thought and it’s just a bonus for our clients!