Northern Giants Trophy Ranch offers world class hunts for WHITE-TAILED DEER, ELK, MULE DEER and SHEEP. We are committed to the best value possible and offer only the finest big game animals to our hunters. Between the variety of species offered and high end caliber of trophies, Northern Giants Trophy Ranch is the finest estate hunt in Saskatchewan!

Our hunts begin in MID-SEPTEMBER and run to the end of NOVEMBER. We incorporate all methods of hunting from spot/stalk, to custom heated tower blinds, ground blinds, ladder stands and lock-on tree stands. We scout extensively with trail cameras, watching over food plots and travel corridors allowing us to plan every hunt to the fullest for each client. We will adapt as best as possible to your preferred hunting style and weapon of choice, rifle, muzzle loader or archery.


Trophy whitetail hunting is the driving force behind Northern Giants Trophy Ranch. This is truly our specialty. We are proud to offer one of the finest selections of whitetail bucks in North America. Our management of over 1,000 premium whitetails ensures a quality and variety of mature bucks unmatched by others.


“The screaming bugle of a giant bull as he challenged his adversary!” This is what it’s all about here at Northern Giants. Our elk hunts are offered as combo hunts only with a whitetail hunt and start in mid September. From 360” to 500” plus bruisers, we have the right bull for you at an affordable price.


The largest land mammal in North America is the bison. In Canada we are fortunate to have the largest species of Bison, the Woodlands Bison. These bulls can approach 3000 lbs and the mane on the head can have hair over 14 inches long. The bison have no natural predators once fully grown.


Saskatchewan's Mule Deer are world famous! Let us put you onto that elusive 200”+ brute that you have been searching for. Very limited in nature, contact us to get on the list for one of these exclusive hunts!


We are now proud to offer in limited supply, Bighorn Sheep and Stone Sheep on our ranch. These amazing trophies are nothing short of first class, so if you’ve always dreamt of taking a big ram or you want to finish off your slam, we can help!