What should I bring on my hunt?

Here is the quick equipment list for hunts at our ranch. There is a Cabelas in Saskatoon and a Wal-Mart 15 minutes from the lodge if needed.


  • for September and early October the weather can be relatively mild during the day but chilly in the morning and evening, so lighter thin layers are recommended with at least one wind stopper layer, also light weight hiking footwear is all you need in the early season.
  • for late October and November we suggest bringing some heavier layers and insulated footwear. Wind stopper layer is very important here along with good gloves, insulated hat and neck gator.


  • flash light, camera, bino’s, rangefinder(shots range from 40-250 yards from all our blinds, but longer shots are possible)
  • rain gear, light weight packable is best. It is not often that we need rain gear but better to be ready
  • soft case for rifle, if possible please bring your own soft case for transporting your rifle from between the ranch and the lodge in the truck
  • there is no need to bring more than 40 rounds of ammunition


  • camp shoes for in the lodge are nice, no outdoor footwear allowed in the lodge
  • comfortable clothing for lounging around between hunts
  • soap/shampoo and body wash is provided at the lodge
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