Whitetail Deer

Northern Giants Trophy Ranch has three whitetail hunts available:

  • Ranch Whitetail Hunt
  • Trophy Whitetail Hunt
  • Elite Whitetail Hunt

The Ranch Whitetail Hunt offers a hunting value like no where else in North America!

Incredible bucks ranging from 180-275”+ are abundant on this semi guided hunt.  The Ranch Hunt has averaged over 200” the past three seasons with an amazing 224” average in 2016!

The Trophy Whitetail Hunt will consistently produce bucks scoring from 250-325” and beautiful typical’s from 190-210”, your choice!  You will have no problem harvesting a true giant on this hunt!  Our extensive whitetail management of Canada’s largest whitetail herd allows us to offer this unprecedented quality, year after year!

Our Elite Whitetail Hunt consists of only the finest and highest scoring record sized bucks!

This hunt is fully guided and early season is by far the best time to book this.  The trophies taken on this adventure will be either massive non-typical’s ranging from 325-400”+ or the biggest typical’s scoring from 210-230”+.  Just let us know when booking what you are looking for and we will customize your dream hunt.  We currently hold more records in the SCI Northwest Estate region than any other Trophy Ranch!

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